She has worked with organizations’ primarily in marketing, design and advertising and fashion. She is an educated entrepreneur and world traveler. Her passion began with the desire to help her family and friends, teenagers, adults, and babies with skin problems; and to build self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. Thus, she first traveled to Japan to learn the manufacturing process to produce what she envisioned: a pure, 100% organic skin care line.  And in the year 2012, she initiated that process and the Rose Passion Beauty Skin Care product line was born. She currently Founded Ferrari Royalty Fashion Collection 2017 and is working on her first designs, as a one person enterprise to building the most elegant, classy, glamorous, clothes line.  With her highly entrepreneurial skills and 100% commitment she is known for globally. She thinks first as an CEO, fashion designer second. Her UNIQUENESS in style when she dresses brings fashion to the next level.

Growing up very poor as a native in California was very hard.  As a little girl she was always spending hours creating with foods, clothes, and plants during her life struggles. As a young adult her passion was fashion and foods and skin care and helping people in believing in themselves. In college she study psychology, business, and art.    

Lady Duchess Zuzette Suzanna Ferrari’s favorite quote: 

“When one door closes another door filled with happiness always opens

By Helen Keller


Lady Duchess Zuzette Suzanna Ferrari, Founder and CEO of Rose Passion Natural Skin Care Products, is a native Californian and currently resides in Orange County

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Prince Comenca Ukraine Mango Jorge Zaniboni, orders his beloved brother S.M.R.I. Imperatoris Regis Carlos Manuel Peres, Sovereign Augustissima Real House and Imperial Medieval De Comenca, Has been honored by the Highness of the Title, Lady Duchess Zuzette Suzanna Ferrari on this day 26th of July.

Lady Zuzette has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for achievement, honor and acceptance as Founder of Rose Passion Skin Care Products, as New Entrepreneur in the 2015-2016 Edition of the Worldwide Who's Who Registry of executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs; and most recently, She has been published in the magazine, Women of Distinction, representing the magazine’s Health and Beauty Section. She is also on the front cover of the 14th issue of  CVH 1st Class Magazine in England, 14th issue. Lady Zuzette has been interviewed by Susan Brender Radio Show and exclusive live interview with Radio Latino Inc, Best in the Business by Manny Lopez.  Recently in October 2017 she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for Excellent Cosmetics in the Beauty industry from GC Entertainment by Founder Galina Capanni.   Zuzette was also honor to meet the  Mayor of Santa Barbra Helene Schneider.

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