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Rose Passion

These are amazing Skin Care Products for Men as I looked for many years to find a Natural Skin Care line with just esstenial oils and not with a perfume smell to them. I been using for about 3yrs and I highly recommend for Men to try!

By Mr. Cruz 2015

I've been using the Rose Passion Soap and Toner Splash for just three weeks and I can tell the difference already my skin is glowing and very clean. It is absolutely phenomenal.”
 By Liz Everett Gonzales 2014

I have been using Rose Passion Products since 2012  when I shave with the soap my skin is very smooth and clean and the rose water hydrates and when I apply the body oil there is no shine. I recommend for men that have sensitive skin.  

By Al Perez 2012


I Love the result of each product for myself and my two daughters, especially the Charcoal Himalayan Mask. My family Christmas gifts was truly a blessings, both my daughters now have glowing skin. Thank you darling Zuzette. 

By Letty McKalecary 2017

I have been using rose water from Rose Passion Natural Skin Care since 2013 and it's  amazing my skin has never been this clean.  The product is fantastic and the packaging is very unique.  The result can be seen after only few days using it. I am strongly recommending it to anybody who wants smooth beautiful skin. It is super refreshing.  

By Jacob Villarreal 2012

I have been using Rose Passion Products since 2014 and my pores have tighten and no more oily skin and my skin is glowing and very clean. I recommend 100% to all it really works.

By Ruby Ullman 2013

 2015Dr Christina Curca I highly recommend Rose Passion Skin Care,  as an Cosmetic Doctor in Germany,  recommending the natural skin care products and selling them to my Clients gives them confidence and they work and I love the 24k Gold Mositure Mask.

By Dr. Christina Curca HNO-Praxis 2015

I really Love the Charcoal Exfoliating Himalayan Mask it makes my skin feel refreshing, smooth and not oily. The Hygienic Facial Soap feels clean on my skin, its helping me take care of my skin problems as a young adult, in Modling,  age 11.

By Amelia Su-Lin 2018